Appealing static designs with a unique style for La Planke(Dance collective), Diffuse Reality (Record Label), Kontent(Skate brand), Gitanodelfuturo (Artist), Noctarium (Creative Platform), and Broox (Company).

Bringing digital visual content alive for creative companies, artists, festivals, and collectives like Broox, Artec3 – Summalab(Lighting design), The Pericas(Creative Company ), Mònica Rikic(New Media Artist), Freak The L’afrique(Collective), Edelfaul (Record label), Pralinen ( Female Rap & Hip-hop Festival).

Creating audiovisual experiences for brands, shootings,  exhibitions, and/or commercial spaces. I worked at 080( Barcelona Fashion Week), Mutek Festival, Intropias (Interactive art festival), Llum BCN (Light art festival), Celo Connect (NFTs Event), Institut Lletres Catalanes (World Poetry day at CCCB).