Blend artistry and functionality, creating visually captivating designs that communicate messages effectively.

Clients: La Planke(Dance collective), Diffuse Reality (Record Label), Kordial(Skate brand), Gitanodelfuturo (Artist), Noctarium (Creative Platform), and Broox (Company).

Through the mastery of various animation techniques and generative graphics, I create visually stunning content alive for projections and displays.

Clients: Broox (Interactive Experiences), Artec3 – Summalab(Lighting design), Lala Hayden(Singer), Mònica Rikic(New Media Artist), The Pericas(Creative Company )Freak The L’afrique(Collective), Edelfaul (Record label), Pralinen (Female Rap & Hip-hop Festival).

Designing of being part of immersive audiovisual experiences for events, exhibitions, festivals and shootings.

Clients: Montserrat Anguiano (Soho House), 080( Barcelona Fashion Week), Primavera Sound(Boiler Room x Cupra), Mutek Festival(BCN), Intropias (Interactive art festival), Llum BCN (Light art festival), Celo Connect (NFTs Event), Institut Lletres Catalanes (World Poetry day at CCCB).