Exploring communication through creating visual concepts with curiosity, a critical view, and openness. I have experience with Cover Art, Logotype, Vynil design for La Planke(Dance collective), Diffuse Reality (Record Label), Kontent(Skate brand), Gitanodelfuturo Artist.

Bringing creations alive with style, patience, and detailed observation. I have experience with infographics, logos, and appealing graphics for creative companies, artists, collectives, events like Broox, Artec3 – Summalab(Lighting design), The Pericas(Creative Company ), Kontent (Skate brand), Pralinen ( Female Rap & Hip-hop Festival),  Mònica Rikic(New Media Artist), Ritmo Nativo (Event by Mamboz), Freak The L’afrique(collective).

Creating audiovisual a)content and b) interactive environments and experiences for brands, recreational cultural, exhibition, and/or commercial spaces that generate unique emotions for the community. Experience in videos of corporate events, video clips, installations for The Pericas(Creative Thinking Company), Anythingpointless Artist, Mutek Festival, Festival de Arte Interactivo en Alicante.