Motion Graphics


Video + Motion Graphics

Video for the company Clinica Rinologica Maria Colomé. The patients are filmed after the surgery to explain their experience.

Customize your shoe!

VR Experience

Test for Broox and for the client Nike. I created the interaction between the 3D model and the player in Unreal. 

Video for presentation

3D Design

3D asset modelling and shading for Broox

Quantum Random Transmutation


Generative graphics and video art piece for the virtual explorable album by @virtualperfectioncowboy

Ni Una Mas – Sun Ra Bullock

Mapping & Visuals

I created the visuals and did the mapping on a dancer for a music video of Sun Ra Bullock.

Infin8ty – Stønefruit

Music Video

I created the music video for the track from the concept to the realization with Touch Designer.

YELLA – Sonikgroove

Music Video

Worked as director, editing,vfx.

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Martes 20 de Agosto de 1940 , México – Squaric

Music Video

Worked as director, editing,vfx.

BOM BOM – Badgyal

Music Video

Worked as a VFX Artist with Adobe After Effects.

Directed by @lauravifer
Produced by: @pandoraweproduce


Music Video

Worked as VFX Artist with the compositing software Nuke.

Produced by Belledejour

Art Direction by Sara V. Mallo


Music Video

Director , producer, vfx.

Edited with Premiere Pro, VFX with the software Nuke.

Music by Albert Minguell and Boi Martinez.


Female Rap & Hiphop festival 2021

I created some animated graphics for the streaming of the festival.

The Uncanny Fire

Monica Rikic artwork

Visuals for the project “The Uncanny Fire” by the creative coder and electronic artist Monica Rikic. An interactive project for DONE5. In the project have participated  Carmen Vázquez, the producer Sonikgroove, the pixel artist Entter and the visual artist Marta Verde.

New Home Of Mind


I was part of the team of Mònica Rikic to develop her interactive installation ‘New home of Mind’ (title in honor of the text of the Declaration of independence of cyberspace by John Perry Barlow). The project received a production and exhibition grant from the Institut Ramon Llull, NewArtFoundation and Hangar . It will be exhibited at Ars Santa Mònica within the Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona program, and it will become part of the Beep Collection of Electronic Art.

Visual development & programming : Monica Rikic , Marta Minguell

Art direction and motion graphics : David Galaar

Music: Rodo Venegas

Structure realization: Froch



Exposed in the virtual gallery of the festival MUTEK. ES 2021. 

Sputnik Cinema

Streaming Event

Visuals for the streaming of Edelfaul Selects with Amuleto Manuela. 



Visuals for a video installation in the shooting of the singer Stella by the music platform Noctarium

Freak The L’afrique 2021

Streaming event

Visuals for the collective Freak The l’Afrique.  


Streaming event

Visuals for the sets of @carlavalenti with the support of @electronicgroove y @valhalla.music_ .

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Streaming event

Visuals for the sets of  @la_lvcha with the support of @electronicgroove y @valhalla.music_ . Read More

La Tropicalera

Streaming event

Visuals for the event in streaming “La Tropicalera” the 24th of july 2020 in La Fábrica de Hielo 🏭 Valencia. 🌴💆🏻‍♂️ Produced by Mamboz.

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