Marta Minguell Colomé


Marta Minguell (Soulstice), is a creative energy that specializes in the design and execution of innovative and sustainable audiovisual experiences for events, festivals and exhibitions.

Eventhough Marta is based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, she is currently working on potential opportunities worldwide.

Her practice gathers art, technology, light, space and sound as transformative tools for community health, crafting immersive audiovisual experiences that transport audiences to new dimensions of wonders. Soultice’s work carries a powerful message deeply rooted in the symbolism of the sun and spiritual awakening, drawing inspiration from ancient knowledge and wisdom.


  1. Understanding client needs: goals, objectives, target audience, and constraints of the project or client.
  2. Thinking outside the box: encouraging experimentation and innovation.
  3. Creative brief development: brief that outlines the project scope, objectives, audience demographics, key messaging, and aesthetics.
  4. Visualization & storytelling: visualizing and communicating these ideas effectively through moodboards, storyboards, sketches or presentations to convey the visual direction and narrative of the project.
  5. Collaboration & team management: clear direction, feedback, and support ensuring that everyone in the team is aligned with the creative vision.
  6. Technical Execution and Production: Coordinating, managing budgets and timelines, and ensuring that all technical aspects meet the required standards.
  7. Post-Project Evaluation and Learning: After the project is completed, reflecting on the process and outcomes, identifying successes, challenges, and areas for improvement.


Degree in Animation & VFX – La Salle Bonanova Ramon Llull University

Master’s degree in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments – Bau University of Design in Barcelona.

Skills: #CreativeDirection #ExperienceDesign #Production #DigitalArt #2D/3d graphics #Video art #Projection mapping #InteractionDesign #Conceptualization #MusicCuration

Tools: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects), AI, Resolume, TouchDesigner, Unity, Excel.



—-Currently—- Artist in residency – IasLab x MIRA 24

Stage visuals for DOLA at Onomo x Spotify Summer Fest 24 – July 2024 (Visualizations)

AV technical production with Odd Spaces for Tech & Play. Funded by Mobile World Capital. – April 2024 (AV Production)

Video artwork for Odd Spaces design of Submer HQ ‘s showroom – March 2024 (Visualizations)

Creative direction for stage – Omniverse Africa – Nigeria – February 2024 (AV Design)

Video artwork for opening show – Omniverse Africa – Nigeria – February 2024 (Visualizations)

Video artwork for Odd Spaces at Mobile World Congress ‘Lunch’. Funded by Mobile World Capital. – January 2024 (Visualizations)


Visuals for stage design – Zaama Disco – Black Sherif show – November 2023 (Visualizations)

Visuals for stage design – Jazztronica Festival x Neopartyworldwide – November 2023 (Visualizations)

AV Interactive Installation – Growpro 10th Anniversary – November 2023 (AV design)

Visuals for projection mapping with Felix Offermann- Lago Lago Festival – June 2023 (Visualizations)

Visuals for ‘ Heavenly Sunset’ – Good Dirty Sound, Paris- June 2023 (Visualizations)

Visuals & Vjing for Dynamic OFF Sonar & Brunch Electronik – Poble Español – June 2023 (Visualizations/VJ)

Creative direction and production of the event “El Despull” – Montserrat Anguiano – Hot as Foc – May 2023 (AV Design)

Visuals for Lala Hayden concert – Sala Apolo – May 2023 (Visualizations)

Projection mapping and visuals for NEO Festival – Parallel62 – Mar 2023 (Visualizations, AV Production)

Event creative direction and production for “El Despull” – Montserrat Anguiano – Soho Friends Studio Portvell – Feb 2023 (AV Design)


Set AV production for Meller Shooting with Diana Boier – Art Space Barcelona – Dec 2022 (Video technician)

Motion graphics for the led screen on stand – Broox – Gitex Global – Oct 2022 (Motion graphics)

VJing and mapping projection – Red58 Club – Jul/Aug 2022 (Visualizations)

Led screen mapping for Boiler Room’s stage – Primavera Sound – Barcelona – Jun 2022 (Video technician) 

Final degree project of “Digital Arts ” tutorship at Salle Bonanova Universitat Ramon Llull ( Tutorship )

Exhibition design & direction for “Lush” and audiovisual installation ” A dinner date with Mother Nature” – Kokot Studio – Jun 2022 (Av Design)

Generative visuals for “La Caixa de Música Infinita”, Mònica Rikic – Palau de la Música – Apr 2022 (Visualizations)

Projection design and mapping for Phantazonia – Celo NFTs Conference – Apr 2022 (AV Design)

“Esbós” Audiovisual Installation for the World Poetry day  – CCCB – Mar 2022 (AV Design)

Programming interactive experience with Broox – Xiaomi  MWC – Mar 2022 (Interaction Design)

Streaming visuals for Pralinen Festival – Berlin – Mar 2022 (Visualizations)


Synergy” Installation for Llum BCN – Nov 2021 (AV Design) 

Masterclass “Interactive Experiences in Digital Art” – Museum of Alicante – Oct 2021 (Masterclass)

“Physis ” – Festival Arte Interactivo Alicante –  27-31 Oct 2021 (AV Design) 

AV Production in “Foumban is Wakanda exhibition” – Goethe Institute & Jean Pierre Bekolo – Cameroon – 24 Oct 2021 (AV Design & Production) 

Visual Designer at Artec 3 , Summalab – Mar / Sept 2021 (Visualizations)

“Adira “, videoart piece for Mutek Festival 2021  – Apr 2021 (Visualizations)


“Physis” exhibited in Poblenou Urban District – Dec 2020 (AV Design)

Visuals for streaming for Freak The L’Afrique Collective – Nov 2020 (Visualizations)

“Proximities” – 01/03 May 2020 (AV Design)

“Physis” – Lux Terra Exposition at Mutek Barcelona– March 2020 (AV Design)

“Beyond the mirror” – Box Experience at 080 Fashion Week – Barcelona, Spain – Feb 2020 (AV Design)


“Emotional Hijacking”  – Recorreguts Sonors 2019  at Convent de Sant Agusti – Barcelona, Spain – Nov 2019 (AV Design)

“Connection” – Collaboration with BeanotherLab , Yale University & La Salle Bonanova University –  2019/2020 (AV Design)