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Direction and creation of an audiovisual show that consisted of an artistic installation and the performance of Teresa W of 5 minutes duration. The show was the opening of the event “World Poetry Day 2022” at CCCB in Barcelona.


The concept of the work is based on the poem Les dones i els dies, 1968 [Menja’t una cama, 1962] by Gabriel Ferrater. The interpretation is about something is being created, it is about to be written. He doesn’t know how or why yet. If it can be, will be referred to her. He feels something so strong at the moment but he doesn’t know how long that feeling will last. He has witnessed something dark but does not know what it is. When he finds out, when its meaning comes to the surface, he wonders if he will have to know what will happen from that moment on.

Visual and Sound development

The show has a non-linear narrative. It does not reach a specific point as an end. It starts and ends at the same pace. Feelings that become present and absent in time. Indefinite formalization. State of mind in dynamism. Something is being created without form, without awareness of what it is. It is indefinite until perhaps, one day, it is defined.

The installation is a square structure hanging from the ceiling, from which transparent tulle fabrics hang. Each fabric has a projection of generative visuals that accompany Teresa W.’s performance. In the room the are two speakers that reproduce an “ambient” electronic sound. Teresa uses the resource of charcoal as a drawing tool, with the movement of her body. The visuals represent this indefinite movement that is drawn, that becomes visible in space and that is unfinished, is in process. Visual content is created with Touch Designer program that creates real-time graphics. Real-time audio is analyzed for synchronization with visuals. The audio is created with Reaper program. Resolume mapping software is used to position where the image is being projected.

La instal·lació és una estructura quadrada penjada al sostre, de la qual hi pengen unes teles tul transparents. Cada tela té una projecció de visuals generatius que acompanyen la performance de Teresa W. A la sala s’hi troben dos altaveus que reprodueixen un so electrònic “ambient” i que reciten un poema. Teresa utilitza el recurs del carbonet com a eina de dibuix, amb el moviment del seu cos. Els visuals representen aquest moviment indefinit que es dibuixa, que es fa visible en l’espai i que és inacabat, està en procés. El contingut visual està creat amb el programa Touch Designer que crea gràfics a temps real. S’ analitza l’audio a temps real perquè estigui sincronitzat amb els visuals. L’audio està creat amb el programa Reaper. Per posicionar on es projecta la imatge es fa servir el software de mapping Resolume.