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Emotional Hijacking is a interactive installation based on the state when an individual’s cognitions are overpowered by his/her emotions. Allows the user to interact with cubes altering a projection of an array of emotions by using the open source computer vision framework Reactivision, The project was made thanks to being selected and exposed in Mostra Sonora 2019 – Convent de Sant Agustí. 

​The installation is composed by a projection of an array of 9(3×3) videos in loop and a light box. These videos show a close-up of a girl with a style of the 90s interpretating a different emotion in each video. The light box is used as a table made by DM woods on the sides and transparent plastic on the top. Inside it has a camera and a chain of leds to illumate the box. On top of the box there are 9 small cubes of different colors that have a sticker below with the fiducial codes. The camera is connected to the computer where the processing and reacTIVision softwares are opened and through code the camera read the stickers and relate the cubs with the videos. If the cubes are changed by translation, the videos are moved from a place to another in the projection and a music sounds depending of the emotion. If the cubes are rotated, different image effects can be applied by changing opacity values.

This installation express the concept of “emotional hijacking” where the emotions of the girl are altered by a third person through technology.