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“Exposed Circuits” is a sound installation made by @theproximitymovement for the exhibition “Extimitats. Polítiques i narratives des de l’habitatge” By: @femartmostra “

A project that addresses the housing crisis of the city of Barcelona aggravated by the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and in turn, a multiplicity of ways of understanding habitate due to the diversity of contexts and disciplines of the residents”.

A network of connections exposes the entire itinerary. Each of the nodes that make up this network represents a voice that shares its 10” story around the concept of home.

The installation creates an engagement with visitors by proposing an experience of active listening and participation. They are also able to record their message and thus be part of a symbolic conversation between dozens of participants: each with a different story; all housed under a key and universal theme.

The exhibition took place in @mutuo_centro from 22-07 till 07.08.21