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El Despull – Montserrat Anguiano

Time out

Event design and production with The penthouse studio for the artist Montserrat Anguiano, held at Soho friends – Studio Portvell in Barcelona. The sponsors: Protopixel, Fenix Originals, Kokot Studio, Herzog Selects, and Soho Friends. 

“El Despull” through a critical look, the exploration of the universes of Montserrat Anguiano. A journey through the evolution of her blackness that leads her to activism. Afro-descendant, feminist activism and in favor of the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community.

An explosion of color that denounces the oppression of the black body, its real situation in western countries, with the strength of primary colors as the creator’s identity seal. A transition that leads us to welcome and recognize blackness in our own bodies and those of others. An allegory to black beauty, a song to claim it. An invitation to decolonize our minds and bodies through art. An art where black lives matter and have total relevance.

Montserrat, aims to heal and bring the public closer to the spirit of improvement and struggle of the black community and the diaspora. She does so accompanied by a diverse team of professionals such as the multidisciplinary artist Marta Minguell, the interior designer Gerard Solsona and the stylist Angela Gómez, among others. A shared vision that seeks not to leave indifferent and lead towards reflection with an inclusive storytelling, social and political discourse , focused on personal and collective growth.

Montserrat goal is to create an immersive experience, where various artistic disciplines merge. Accompanied by a diverse team of professionals that seek not to leave indifferent and lead towards reflection. The exhibition is presented as an intervention in space.

Body art

This artistic action uses the body and the paint on it as an element of protest. The woman’s body, sometimes subdued, particularly that of the black woman. The body becomes the perfect canvas. Primary colors on skin that express the oppression of the black body, denouncing its hypersexualization. Because black is beauty and it is represented through bodyart.

Live painting

Creation of a pictorial work live open to the public to share the process of creation and reflections between the artist and the public. Through painting as the main artistic discipline, the painter and poet, Montserrat Anguiano, will transport us to different visions and scenarios of the feminist and anti-racist struggle, transgressing form and color, the strength of primaries as the identity seal of the creator. She will take form as a portrait of an iconic reference, thus denouncing the lack of visibility of the black woman within society. We are colonial heritage, and we must decolonize our minds and bodies, we will do it through art.


The word as a means of social protest. Poetry as a critique of the discriminatory situation in which women are subjected. The verb as a didactic action and visibility of the rights of the most vulnerable groups. Anti-racist feminist art and in favor of the rights of the LGTBIQ community. Targeted and representative actions of dissidents, people who live and feel on the margins of society.

Video art

Digital tool through which a vision, a memory, a dream, an emotion is shared and projected to the exterior as a form of human and sensitive experimentation that captures a descriptive or metaphorical reality.


21:30h – Body Art performance by Montserrat Anguiano

& Performance by Odón

22:00h – Live Painting performance by Montserrat Anguiano 

& DJ Victor Freso

22:30h – DJ Diara



Montserrat Anguiano @montserratanguiano

Event / Exhibition design

Marta Minguell – Multidisciplinary Artist @soulstice555 

Gerard Solsona – Interior designer @thepenthouse.studio

Ángela Gomez – Stylist @a.n.styling 

Light show

Catalina Ansaldi  @ftfs____ 





Fenix Originals

Kokot Studio

Herzog Selects

Soho Friends