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Citizens Of The World

“Citizens of the World” is an immersive, interactive audiovisual installation designed for the 10th Anniversary of Growpro at Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona. The installation is based on the concept of “adventurous souls” – those curious and restless individuals who decide to make a change in their lives by traveling through space and time, opening themselves up to experimentation and limitless experiences in order to discover their true nature.

The space invites us to enter a new dimension – a sensorial dimension where we can connect with each other and the environment that surrounds us through the exploration and perception of past memories. Using an object that represents a compass, a symbol of the brand, the audience can interact with the visual and sound content of this immersive and meaningful experience. Additionally, there are wires simulating the roots of a tree, symbolizing the bonds of the community that GrowPro has created.

The aim of this installation is to inspire innovation, bringing the audience and community closer to the values of the brand and sharing sensations that cannot be conveyed with words.